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Norton Ultimate Help Desk (Norton IT professional assistance)


  • Offers on-demand IT help to fix the issues on your devices.
  • Available in monthly subscription and per service plan.
  • Provide this service for all types of devices.


Norton Ultimate Help Desk is an impressive service that can help you get rid of any type of issue on your PC and other devices. With the help of this service plan, you can keep your product running like new. You can take a single service for one device or take a monthly subscription to get services for up to 3 devices. With the Norton Ultimate Help Desk, you can easily save time and money. Also, it keeps you away from the hassle of visiting a repair shop.

If you take this service, Norton IT experts will help you remotely troubleshoot software problems, operating system issues, computer crashes, and driver issues. Plus, if your device is running slow, these experts delete unnecessary files and apps to free up some space on your computer. As a result, your devices start to work like brand new again. The best part is that it does not take much time to get things done. The experts usually take, on average, 35 minutes to fix the issues on your device.

Features of the Norton Ultimate Help Desk

  • Norton Ultimate Help Desk helps you get complete troubleshooting for your devices such as laptops, computers, mobile as well, and peripherals. 
  • This product allows you to have a worry-free life by putting the load of fixing your devices in the hands of Norton IT professionals.
  • With the purchase of this service, you get 24*7 expert support regarding any issue with your device. 
  • It can help your computer devices run like new ones.
  • This product can also help you get rid of viruses on your device. 
  • Norton experts provide you with proper assistance in setting up your home network and smartphone devices. 
  • With this product, you get advanced diagnostics and resolutions that can find complex issues on your device and offer appropriate solutions for them. 
  • If you take the monthly subscription, you get an unlimited calling facility to experts and services for three devices.


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