Signal Latest Update Adds New Features To the App For iOS 5.3.1 And Android 5.3.7

Signal is finally living up to its name, and in the latest update, users can now add chat wallpapers, use animated stickers, and even add a bio to the new ‘About’ section as well.

Signal announced the latest version of their app for iOS and Android devices. According to the tweet, Signal adds new features that will be useful for people coming from apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Earlier, WhatsApp’s new policy created unrest in the community. According to the new policy, WhatsApp requires users to share their data with Facebook, the WhatsApp parent company.

In regards to this new policy, many users left the platform and moved to Signal. It is worth noting that Brian Acton, one of WhatsApp’s founders, developed Signal as a non-profit project. In the span of three years, Signal entered into the mainstream market with more than double the number of people moving from WhatsApp to Signal. With the new update, the app handles data like a pro, and unlike WhatsApp, Signal offers a better platform that respects user data and privacy.

What are the new features of Signal?

Signal’s tweeted about the new feature to take over the confusion created by Facebook’s new policy for WhatsApp Messenger. On January 12th, Signal shared the news about the update, which includes some basic functionalities and other features missing from the previous versions.

Chat wallpapers

Like WhatsApp, Signal incorporated the chat wallpaper feature, and it works in the same way as WhatsApp. You can change chat backgrounds with different colors, preset images, or add even your personalized photos as well.

Animated Stickers

Social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram use Animated stickers to personalize conversations. Signal added this feature in the newest update, and now users can chat with animated stickers and express more with their loved ones.

Lower data usage

This feature is specially designed for iOS devices. Now, iPhone users can see an extra option available exclusively for them, and by using this feature, Signal limits the data used when a user makes or receives phone calls.

Full-screen profile photos

This is the feature that separates Signal from other messaging apps. Unlike your former messaging apps, the newest Signal update allows users to use a full-screen profile picture, making the app more intuitive and user-friendly.

Conclusion Signal continues to be the best messaging app of 2021. Although it was launched in February 2018, only people in the US and Canada were using it the most. In the last four years, people in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East were using WhatsApp as their daily messaging app. Signal came into the mainstream market, and by far, it offers better security, better features, and better design. According to sources, European Commission asked its staff to switch to Signal in February 2020, making the app suitable for people with security concerns. Signal is a more compatible messaging app, and the creators are planning to add new features like encrypted group video calls and much more in future updates.

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